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Interior restoration Historic Monument – Villeneuve-Loubet


After reinforcing the structures of the Château de Vaugrenier, a 16th century Palladian building listed as a Historical Monument, the office, assisted by Sophie Tramonti, Conservator Architect, has undertaken the interior restoration of all 4 levels.

The first stage consisted of a precise survey of all the existing soils as well as a polychromic search of the different coatings carried out on the walls in order to decipher what modifications had already been made to the building since its original state.
We have to remain faithful as much as possible, in this rehabilitation, to the initial spirit that prevailed during the construction by “impairing” the least possible to the building. So we have discovered a calade in pebbles which covered the floors of the three main rooms of the 1st floor. However, it will not be updated for the time being and will remain protected by the newest terracotta floor that will be renovated. Some of the tiles have a wear of almost 2 cm at the most used places: the passages between the pieces.

At the present time a campaign of piercing of the vaults is in progress in order to pass all the networks that will allow this former “country house of the Lord of Villeneuve-Loubet” to relive and to be opened partly to the public for Conferences, concerts or future exhibitions.

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