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2001 – 2012​​

Conceived over ten years ago on a nearly seven-hectare estate on the edge of town, the Sports Arena of Roquefort-les-Pins came gradually to life. First the general excavation works, then the soccer field whose surface, 105 meters long by 68 meters wide overhangs in places by more than 10 meters the natural terrain! The artificial turf has replaced the lean concrete and is now the delight of soccer fans day and night…
Roquefort Mayor’s interview
The locker rooms and football club house followed. Of a simple and fluid shape with a streamlined curved roof made of ducted steel trays, the large 315 m² building becomes invisible in the landscape, the colours of which it seems to emulate.
Finally, the tennis club’s locker rooms were the last to be delivered. Facing the courts and… imbedded in the rock thanks to its small size, the building is covered by a wooden terrace which allows spectators to follow matches from the roof top. An original and delicately elegant cap overlooks the entire façade whose clay colours provide simultaneous protection from the sun and bad weather.



Year :


Location :


Client :

Commune de Roquefort-les-pins (06)

Architect :

Agence d’architecture bernard fauroux

Surface :

6,7 Hectares

Budget :

1 750 000 € H.T