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This elegant nineteenth century style abode in Cap d’Antibes, direly needed to regain its former charm. The restoration aspired to preserve the exceptional character of both its large volumes and its interior designs. From the strengthening of the structure to the hanging of the curtains, work was completed well within the tight eight-month deadline.

A mosaic and a hand-crafted guardrail now adorn the master bedroom’s terrace while the floor was reinforced and water-proofing redone. Cement tiles were laid in the bedrooms of the first floor where two rooms were combined to create a huge master bedroom. In a more restrained fashion, the bathroom has been fitted with a basin cut in a block of marble and an old style faucet. The steps of the inner staircase were covered with stone and the volutes of its redesigned rail ramp were patiently redrawn. Limed oak was used for doors and radiator covers. Mouldings and animal or floral frescoes which adorn the ceilings, reflect the attention to detail given to this quality renovation.