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2006 – 2013

The reason for this recreation park‘s great success, since its inception, is that it allows everyone, whatever their age, to come and be physically active, or to simply relax on more than three hectares of tree dotted land. In the midst of nature, hikers and athletes can follow the fluid lines of different health paths; children and teenagers can play in age appropriate areas while seniors can enjoy their favourite pastime, playing boules. A wooden frame building, nestled against a red wall, serves as landmark, in this area where a prominent place was kept for nature, for all to enjoy.

“To imagine small landscaped hills with curved line fences was a brilliant idea from Bernard Fauroux. It made it possible to overlook the main road along the site. It took careful consideration with a proportional dose of intelligence to reconfigure a piece of land which was initially flat, dull and wet and to turn it into the friendly, harmonious and popular place that it has become.”
Thierry Occelli, Mayor of Opio



Year :


Location :


Client :

Commune d’Opio (06)

Architect :

Agence d’architecture bernard fauroux

Surface :

3,08 Hectares