2008 – 2009

To cope with its growing business, the Joint Association for the Treatment of Household Waste – located next to Antibes incineration plant – had to expand its offices.

“UNIVALOM’s mission and expertise is the treatment of household waste: destruction by incineration, waste recycling (biological waste, wood waste, oils, used clothing, batteries…). The winning project offered creative and above all environment friendly solutions. The existing building was completely stripped of its metal siding which was replaced by wood, seamlessly blending with the surrounding forest.” says Josette Balden, President of the institution and also the first Deputy Mayor of Le Cannet, in charge of city planning.

A new construction, now the reception hall, connects the existing building to the new ground-level extension which is easily noticeable with its different façade treatment. Rectangular in shape, and voluntarily low, the project has a wood frame which makes it possible to add another floor. It meets the so-called BBC norm (Low Consumption Building) and fits perfectly into the natural character of this otherwise industrial site.
“Very functional, bright, pleasant to look at and to live in thanks to its layout and lighting, the new building welcomes 14 employees on a daily basis. The new meeting room is particularly popular with city council delegates who come to work regularly.” says Josette Balden.