Fauroux-DPLG-Immersive 1
Fauroux-DPLG-Immersive 4

“CSTB” 3D screening room

1997 – 2010​

The immersion laboratory, created for the Centre Scientifique et Technique du Bâtiment (CSTB – Construction’s Scientific and Technical Centre) in Sophia-Antipolis, is an experimental screening room for the viewing of three dimensional images, used for research on new design and communication modalities for sustainable construction or urban development projects. Its screen, both conical and semi-circular in shape, with an over 180° vision, its three computer-controlled projectors working simultaneously, and its three seats with headphones make it unique in the modern construction sector.

“The architectural design had to remain aesthetic while fulfilling all expectations in terms of technologic features. This is true both of the forms and spaces, as well as of the chosen materials. Communication with Bernard Fauroux is very professional, marked by a concern for thoroughness and a tad of humor! The concept of project manager makes full sense from an architectural as well as technical standpoint.” says Patrick Morand, Director of Information Technology and Knowledge Dissemination at the C.S.T.B…