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It is always difficult to embark on a building project when it comes to his main residence. And it is this risk that has been taken here, for this villa in Valbonne, whose works were held in total coexistence with its occupants. Every day, owners and workers shared their daily for more than 5 months. But it is with excellent coordination and communication that this villa could be extended and rise :

-extension of the open terrace on the north façade on the 1st floor in advance of the existing one on the ground floor, the created space under the terrace will include bicycle storage
-partial heightening of 1.90m from the roof above the living room to the 1st floor of the villa to create an extra bedroom
-the preservation of green spaces. Taking advantage of this project, it will be planted 9 Mediterranean-type trees ( olive and fruit trees)

Word from the owners
“Our house has become particularly pleasant. The new terrace harmoniously extends the living room and invites to stand out. The night part is warm and clear, thanks to the use of wood and creating openings ( … ). Finally, our house seems truly unique, with its sleek staircase cage, combining wood and glass, or with the layout of the master bedroom with fitted wardrobes in the plane of the wall, headboard and careful lighting, and many other custom details.
We are pleased to have transformed our house by building this extension and are delighted to have made this project with the Fauroux agency for 2 years from the draft to the reception of the works.”


See below the project before the works :

See below the project after the works :


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